Autism Education and Therapy Centers

Clarksville, Nashville TN


Autism is a frightening and mis-understood disorder. Individuals with this condition are said to be ‘on the Spectrum’ and can range from high functioning to severely restricted. People who suffer this disorder are typically extremely sensitive to their environment. With these factors in mind, Manous Design was tasked with creating a state-of-the art, prototype facility to address the wide variety of ages and diagnosis of the users. The building is arranged around a central, tapered spine to give the users a strong sense of place, devoid of confusing circulation patterns. The program provides therapy rooms, classrooms and even an indoor gym area to mimic K-12 educational spaces, with the goal being the ability to re-integrate the children back into the public/priovate educational system. The interior design of the building was intended to reinforce the concepts of wellness and respond with natural colors, materials and textures. The entire building is flooded with natural light, providing a bright and cheerful environment.


Karen Blake

Outpatient therapy facility

8,500 s.f.

$1,800,000 dollars