Historic Lebanon Revitalization Initiative – ‘Success Starts on the Square’

Historic Lebanon Tomorrow, City of Lebanon, Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce

Mixed use land plan for historic city center on the National Register of Historic Places, including parking studies, safety upgrade recommendations, detailed recommendations for historic façade preservation and upgrades, and ‘Design Initiatives’ covering a wide range of elements meant to contribute to the overall economic and aesthetic renaissance of the City of Lebanon.


‘Success Starts on the Square’ is the theme of this planning study which seeks to use a combined effort of private, local, and State funding to revitalize and add to the downtown area. Detailed design studies provided for Farmer’s Market, parking and vehicular upgrades for the Square, architectural character studies for infill projects, street-scape studies, etc. Breaking the ‘Design Initiatives’ into individual elements which can be funded and built at separate stages is a key component to the plan.


12 block area surrounding the historic downtown and arterial gateways, commuter rail, parks, trails and other cultural assets. Total area of study and recommendation covered approximately 3 square miles of the community.

Funding and grant writing is on-going. First ‘Design Initiative’ being implemented in late 2008.